Shirazi Salad

Shirazi Salad or Salad-e Shirazi is a light and simple Persian (Iranian) cucumber and tomato salad. It is considered a national Iranian salad and is the most common appetizer among Iranian. In Farsi, salad means salad, and Shiraz is the capital of Fars Province. It is a lovely city in the southwest of Iran with hospitable people, famous historical sites, and enchanting flower gardens. Millions of people visit Shiraz to see the monuments of Hafez and Sadi, two of the most significant Persian (Iranian) poems.

Shirazi Salad Benefits and Calories

This salad is refreshing, healthy, and very simple to make. It is high in D, E, K, C, A vitamin, and ideal for losing weight. Garlic in it is perfect for those who have blood fat. The combination of onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers repairs the cells of the brain and also causes fat burning. Every serving of Salad Shirazi has 137 calories.

Shirazi Salad Ingredients

  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Salt, pepper, and dried mint.
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Lim

Shirazi Salad Recipe

  • Making this Shirazi Salad is pretty simple.
  • Chop all the mentioned ingredients and place them in a bowl. 
  • Then, add lemon juice, dried mint, salt, and pepper.
  • Add in herbs and seasoning. Remember not to use too much red onion as it might overpower other ingredients. 

Hust this simple, your salad is ready. Shirazi Salad is often served with rice with stews and particularly Loobia Polo.

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