Eggplant Gheymeh Stew

Love at first bite is the first feeling for most people trying Persian food.
Eggplant Gheymeh Stew is an iconic Persian stew that is cooked on many occasions in Iran, such as parties, weddings, religious mournings, or even when you are invited over for lunch.
You can add different ingredients and spices to this stew according to your taste, such as cinnamon, brewed saffron, and rosewater.
Although this stew in Iran is made with mutton or lamb, you can also make it with beef or chicken too. Just skip adding the meat if you tend to have the vegetarian version of this stew.
In Iran, it is common for people to occasionally prepare large quantities of food to share with people in need. This custom is referred to as Nazri. A popular dish for this is Eggplant Gheymeh Stew.
The good news is that cooking Eggplant Gheymeh Stew is simple and doesn’t need high skills.