Chicken thigh Kabob

As fast food is a permanent part of American cuisine, kabob is an inseparable part of Persian cuisine. Kabob is served in outdoor family gatherings, weddings, birthdays, etc. Grilling is a required skill for Iranian men!
Kabob has faced a lot of changes since its official entrance into Iranian cuisine during the Qajar dynasty. The history of kabob before this period is somehow unknown.
Iranian chefs have worked on kabob recipes hard and tried to make it compatible with Iranian taste. Indeed, they have been successful and made a good impression. Ingredients common in Iranian cuisine-like saffron- made kabob tastier and gave it a new identity.
Iranians try cooking everything. So different parts of poultry are grilled. Useful tips for grilling chicken have been presented that help you to enjoy a pleasant new taste.
Persian chicken kabob looks golden yellow; that’s because of using the king of spices-saffron. Grilled tomato and fresh lemon always accompany kabobs since Iranians like sour to sweet flavors. Persian kabob is often eaten with bread or rice.