Chicken Koobideh with bread

Kabob is a fancy meal among Persians, and they have high regard for it. So, they eat kabob on important occasions and the time of having a dear honorable guest. When Persians want to show great respect to a guest, they prepare kabob. 

Kabob has also become an inevitable part of family gatherings, going out to nature and weddings. You can expect to eat delicious types of kabobs at a Persian wedding. Families are never bored of kabob and can have it even every day.  

Persian men pride themselves on making tasty kabob when going out. Everyone becomes a chef who has work experience with Jamie Oliver. There is competition among Persian men on making yummy kabob. The family wants you to cook the great kabob on weekends. The poor men also need to make fire and prepare to charbroil as the kabob not prepared on charbroil is not Persian kabob at all. Families like the taste of charbroiling mixed with marinated ingredients. 

Persian women also pride themselves on marinating the ingredients. The spices they use have a crucial influence on the taste of kabob. They brag about the duration of marination, the various types of ingredients they have used, etc. 

The word Koobideh comes from the Persian word smashing or slamming. Chicken Koobideh is made with ground chicken. In fact, kabob Koobideh is generally made with beef or lamb, which is so popular among Persian that they use different ingredients to make various tastes of kabob. 

The Persians charbroil kabob and serve it with rice. However, some people follow a diet and avoid rice. So they eat kabob with bread. There are different types of Persian bread, such as Lavash, Barbari, and Sangak. But Persian likes to eat kabob with Sangak bread, which comes from the word “stone.” Sangak bread is prepared on small hot stones in a particular bakery named “Sangaki,” meaning the place you can get Sangak bread.

Chicken Koobideh with bread Benefits and Calories

Chicken is a food that protects you against cancer. It’s also great for bone health and boosts metabolism. If you need more energy to complete your tasks, chicken Koobideh is a good option as a rich source of vitamin B. 

Every 100 gr of Chicken Koobideh contains about 164 calories.

Chicken Koobideh with a bread recipe

First, you should marinate the chicken with the Persian ingredients as they do it. Remember that marinating is an essential precondition to make a Persian kabob which has a significant impact on the final taste of your kabob. 

Combine grated onion, ground chicken, saffron, salt, black pepper, red pepper, turmeric. Mix the spices with the chicken using your hands. You must rub the chicken in the dish so that it absorbs the spices very well. Put the mixture aside for at least a few hours. It would be better to mix it with your hands a few times so the chicken receives the spices to its core. 

When you are about to prepare kabob, get a handful of the mixture and shape it on the skewer. You can dip your hands in water so that the chicken won’t stick to your hands. Prepare as many as skewers you need. Bear in mind that you can also leave the skewers aside and marinate them again while being on the skewer. 

Now is the time for making fire. Prepare the gas grill or charbroil and place the skewers on. Now it’s very Persian to squeeze some lemon juice, salt, and pepper on skewers. Some people rub butter oil, olive oil, or butter on the chicken to make it tender. Choices are yours. 

When one side is ready, turn the skewer, so the other half becomes ready. You must have an eagle eye and watch the skewers closely, as they tend to burn quickly.

You will know when the chicken is ready as it becomes golden brown, and you can smell the great flavor. You have the right to taste a few pieces while cooking, and your expert opinion is required to know if kabob is ready or not. 

Persian Chicken Koobideh often is served bread and rice. You would eat the kabob hot, immediately taken from the grill. A few people add lemon juice to it at this stage before eating as well.

Chicken Koobideh with bread ingredients

  • Ground chicken
  • Onion
  • Saffron, resting in hot water 
  • Turmeric
  • Pepper
  • Smoked paprika (optional)
  • Salt 

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