Chicken Kabob Soltani

Kabobs are an inseparable part of Persian cuisine. Kabob is a 200-year-old dish in Iran. It was brought into the country by Nassereddin Shah during the Qajar dynasty from the Caucasus. In the beginning, it was a dish only for the royal family and official elite due to the high price of meat.

Soon it became popular among common people and found its way through homes and restaurants. Throughout time, Persian kabob went through lots of various changes. Different cooking methods with different ingredients were used to make the taste better.

Today, kabobs are almost served on every important occasion such as weddings, parties, birthdays, etc. Almost every Persian family gathering in nature is accompanied by grilling kabob.

Different forms of Persian kabobs have been shaped up since the entrance into Iran.

The word Soltani Kabob in Persian kabobs means the mixture of one skewer of beef Koobideh with other forms of kabob.

One skewer of boneless chicken kabob paired with one skewer of ground beef kabob cooked over an open fire is called Chicken Kabob Soltani. Persian kabobs are often served with rice, tomato, lemon, and bread.

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