Beryani is one of the most well-known Persian (Iranian) dishes made particularly in Isfahan province. It must be mentioned that Isfahan’s Beryani is different from Indian Biryani.
Persian Beryani is rich fried lamb meat and has nothing to do with rice. It is usually served on flatbread.
According to literary and historical texts, Baryani is a unique food whose history goes back to about 400 years ago.


Beryani Benefits and Calories

Beryani contains C ، D ، E and B1، B2، B3، B6، B12 vitamins, protein, calcium, omega3 fatty acid. it is rich in protein so improves muscles and enhances energy level. Since having B12 vitamin and folate, it helps to produce red blood cells and prevents anemia. Every 100g of Beryani has 230 calories.

Beryani Ingredients

  • Lamb/mutton
  • Fatty tail
  • White sheep liver
  • Onion
  • Oil/butter
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Brewed saffron
  • Walnuts, pistachios, and almonds
  • Dry mint, salt, turmeric, and black pepper


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Beryani Recipe

  • Pour lamb, fatty tail, oil, onion, and water in a pot and put it on medium heat until the meat is softened and cooked (a little bit of meat should remain after cooking).
  • Chop the white liver up and pour with water, some salt, chopped onion, pepper and oil in the pot; cook over medium heat. After finishing the water and cooking, fry the remaining water; mince it and put aside.
  • Now mince the mix of the fatty tail after cooking with mutton; blend it with some dry mints, saffron, salt, and black pepper and mince it again.
  • Shape the Beryani ingredients with your hand in the form of a burger and put some cinnamon powder, pistachio or almond slices in it and place in the pot that you have greased it to grill. Then turn it over to the other side and roast, pour some meat juice on the bread and decorate it with a minced white liver, chopped walnut, parsley and serve it


Beryani is mostly decorated with basil, parsley or nuts but you could decorate the topping as you like it.

Let the cooked meat cool down, then mince it.