Beef Koobideh

Iranians are kabob freak. Kabob in Persian (Iranian) culture and cuisine has a huge significance. Kabob is a form of national pride for Iranians & Iranian Americans. Iranians go out to nature for kabob a lot, and almost every family gathering is accompanied by kabob.
Beef Koobideh is the most popular and well-known Persian kabob. Persian kabobs are often grilled over char-broil fire. Some ask what does Koobideh mean? Koobideh comes from the Persian word Koobidan, meaning slamming, which refers to the style in which the meat is prepared. While Koobideh uses minimal ingredients, it is the symbol of perfection when it comes to grilling ground meat.
When you grill meat, you eat less fat because of the excess drips off the grates. Grilling preserves more riboflavin and thiamine. Not using butter in grilling is healthier and getting less calory. One serving of ground beef kabob has 234 calories.
If you seek to have a healthier grilling, get lean meats, use gas rather than Charcoal, and marinate the meat.
Preparing ground beef Koobideh is easy and does not require a particular skill. The ingredients include onion, turmeric, sumac, etc.

Beef Koobideh in Las Vegas

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