Beef Koobideh with bread

Kabob is an inevitable part of Persian cuisine, and families love it more than any other food. The process of making kabob is even more fun and enjoyable than eating it. Families love the chance of getting out to nature with friends or relatives, have fun, charbroil kabob and enjoy together. 

You can say been Koobideh is the most famous and common type of Persian kabob among families. It’s reasonably priced that almost everyone can afford it. Beef Koobideh is ground beef or lamb mixed with Persian spices such as onion, salt, pepper, turmeric, and saffron. The type and range of spices are different and are up to the taste and region of Persia. Families have their own preferences over the process of making kabob. 

Forming ground beef around the skewer is also an art that Persian men need to do it very well. In fact, the process of marinating beef is with women, and the work of grilling kabob is with the men. 

Beef Koobideh is often served with Persian rice. However, some people have a diet that needs to avoid rice. So serving Bef Koobideh with bread is common among Persians. 

There are different types of bread in Persian. But the one bread that is the constant companion of beef Koobideh is “Sangak” bread. It dates back to the “Safavid dynasty” in Persia, the rival of the Ottoman empire. It’s been said that King Abbas the Great ordered making Sangak bread as it’s as easy to make during military campaigns, and soldiers could do it on their own. It’s has become the most popular bread in Persia since then.

Beef Koobideh with bread benefits and calories

Beef Koobideh is high in D, C, B1, B2, B6, B12 vitamins, calcium, and omega3. Having high protein makes beef Koobideh kabob an excellent choice for athletes. It also prevents daily tiredness. One serving of ground beef kabob has 234 calories.

Beef Koobideh with bread ingredients

The ingredients of Beef Koobideh are different in each Persian province, but the common ones are as follows:

  • Ground beef
  • Turmeric
  • Sumac
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions

Beef Koobideh with bread recipe 

Beef Koobideh with bread recipe is as follows:

First, you need to grind the beef or buy it ready in advance. Bear in mind that marinating is essential with the Persian kabob. Combine the beef, salt, pepper, onion water together in a bowl and set them aside for a few minutes. You would better combine them with your hands, so the mixture becomes as tasty as possible. 

Dip your hands in water, so the mixture doesn’t stick to them and avoid all the hassle. 

Shape the mixture around the skewer, and it should be about 7-8 inches long. Then put the skewers over charbroil grill. You could also use a gas grill, but the Persian love the charbroil and think the kabob that is not prepared charbroil is pure Persian. 

Be careful of the change in color as grilling skewers. You need to turn around the sides away, so both sides cook properly from inside. Be careful that you must watch the skewers carefully while grilling to avoid burning. 

When the yare ready, remove the grilled kabobs from the skewer and place them on bread. The bread that you put kabob on it becomes really delicious, and Persians love it. 

It’s traditional to put sumac on beef Koobideh to help digestion. Sumac is hot in nature in the old Persian medicine, but beef is cold. So they balance each other.

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