Barley Soup

Barley soup is one of the delicious traditional Persian (Iranian) soups. Since having different ingredients, it can provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Barley soup is considered as one of the inexpensive foods to stay healthy.

Barley Soup Benefits and Calories

Soup is suitable for you if you would like to lose weight or have a light dinner. Using barley in a soup makes meals healthier than other grains can do, and fill you up with fewer calories. Barley soup helps you reduce hunger and may help you lose weight. It enables you to lower glucose and also reduces heart disease risk. It is certainly easy to add it to your diet. There are110 Calories in 1 bowl (2 cups) of barley soup. It is a significant source of fiber so that you can have it every day.

Barley soup Ingredients

  • Dried barley  
  • Water
  • Onions
  • Carrots 
  • Olive oil/sunflower oil
  • Mint or parsley
  • Chicken (optional)
  • Turmeric
  • Mushroom
  • Paste 
  • Black pepper
  • Cooked chickpeas or red kidney beans

Barley Soup Recipe

  • Dice the onion, mince garlic and mushroom with olive oil to a large pot and sauté over heat until the onions are soft.
  • Then, add the carrots along with the pepper.
  • Add the Soaked barley and water. Bring them to a boil over high heat.
  • Since barley will give off a lot of foam at first, Keep a close eye; it can cause the pot to boil over.
  • Make sure you occasionally stir the mixture, so the barley won’t stick.
  • Now add the paste. When it comes to boil, lower the heat to a low simmer, cover, and continue to cook until the barley is ready.
  • The barley is prepared when it has tripled in volume and is soft yet chewy.  

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