Baklava À La Mode

Baklava À La Mode is made with fresh warm Baklava topped with saffron ice cream.
Grape juice on ice has long been served as a dessert in Persia. People would bring ice from the top of the mountains or from underground heat-resistant construction called Yakhchal to make dessert.
Saffron ice cream is made with rosewater, pistachio, and saffron. It is often sandwiched between two wafers named “Bastani Nooni.”
A recent study by a Chinese, British, and Iranian group indicates that saffron is a powerful medicine against depression. Saffron makes you feel full, so it also helps to lose weight. The Crocin in saffron keeps brain cells young and healthy.
Baklava is also a popular dessert in Iran, the Middle East, Balkan countries, and Turkey.

In Iran, Baklava is made in a small diamond-shaped cut flavored with rosewater syrup and cardamom. Almonds and pistachio are the most common nuts used on Baklava topping.


Baklava À La Mode benefits

It is considered highly nutritious due to the usage of nuts in it. Nuts provide necessary minerals, prevent diabetes type 2, helps digestion, and is healthy for all people with diabetes.
Baklava À La Mode has 663 calories.


Baklava À La Mode in Las Vegas

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