Hafez Restaurant

Hafez restaurant is a family owned business providing the best Persian food in Las Vegas. Started over five years ago, we’ve tried to make the best we could to satisfy all of our customers. With having more than 200 perfect reviews on google, facebook and yelp, we are proud to say we’ve come a good way so far.

Our menu includes a variety of appetizers such as Kash o Bademjan, soups and salads, main dishes such as koobideh kabob, Shish Kabob, and also a delicious dessert menu. You can order your food online as well as walk in to the restaurant.

Enjoy your time at Hafez Restaurant

Let us be your host in the best Persian restaurant in Las Vegas. We serve a variety of different Persian cuisine. Persian recipes have matured over the centuries, and Hafez Persian Cuisine offers you so many delicious Persian food that you will remember the taste for at least a decade. We are sure you will like the food and the environment, and it won’t be the only time you come to our restaurant we are also sure you will introduce Hafez Persian Cuisine to your friends and acquaintances that’s because of our friendly environment with courteous staff as well as the quality and taste of the cuisines.

Hafez Persian Cuisine only uses the finest fresh ingredients to prepare its dishes; the health of the food is another factor that is very important to us. We do catering for any occasion that requires our special attention; you can reserve a table or more for your next event. Also, if you are a traveler to Las Vegas, it is our duty to show you what Middle Eastern people eat or drink, mainly traditional Persian people.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to serving you here at Hafez Persian Cuisine